One Million Churches by 2033


Have been Planted


Countries Impacted


People Mobilized


Covenant Signatures

His Mandate.

Our Mission.

MM33 represents the collaborative effort of the World Assemblies of God to engage in the greatest work of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting the world has ever seen.

With full reliance on the Holy Spirit, the fellowship will collectively foster a growing revival, leading to Kingdom expansion as more people encounter the Gospel!

The Great Commission is His mandate and our mission. We’re seeking the Lord and taking steps to grow to one million churches by the 2000th anniversary of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and the Day of Pentecost in 2033, then continuing the mission!

Our Story

The World Assemblies of God has a vibrant history of sharing the Gospel message globally. The Lord has now invited us into a new season. A prophetic exhortation was given at the 2017 World Assemblies of God Congress, asking the Lord of the Harvest to help us so that if He tarries His return until 2033, the World Assemblies of God Fellowship would consist of ONE MILLION churches! We’re seeking guidance from the Lord and building His Church while fostering revival among the nations.

The Covenant

The Covenant represents the shared commitment among the World Assemblies of God Fellowship to engage in church planting, evangelism, and discipleship.

The leaders who sign The Covenant affirm the collaborative vision of MM33 and commit to moving forward in unity to expand the Kingdom.