About MM33

1 million churches by 2033

MM33 is the World Assemblies of God Fellowship’s collaborative vision and plan for Kingdom expansion and contribution to the Great Commission – His Mandate. Our Mission.

​​Between now and 2033, we’re seeking the Lord and taking steps to grow to one million churches by the 2000th anniversary of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and the Day of Pentecost!

We invite you to join in prayer as we seek guidance from the Lord! 

  • Pray for individuals to have a humble hearts and a deep conviction of sin that leads to repentance
  • Pray for lives, churches, and communities to be transformed
  • Pray for unity

A Prophetic Word

A prophetic exhortation shared by Dr. George O. Wood at the 2017 World Assemblies of God Congress asked the Lord of the Harvest to help us so that if He tarries His return until 2033, the World Assemblies of God Fellowship would consist of one million churches. 2033 is a significant year in that it marks the 2000th anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection. 

Why Now?

Many people have yet to hear the Good News! The world is crying out for a source of true hope, and Jesus is the answer! We’ve been given the Great Commission to take the Gospel to the whole world, and there is much work to be done. We’re relying on direction from the Lord to guide us to foster revival.

Looking Ahead

Collaborative plans will be implemented to equip and empower Assemblies of God churches and national Fellowships to participate in and contribute to fulfilling the historic goal of one million churches. 

Now, more than ever, the fellowship is globally connected, with more people and resources than ever in our history. This has ignited the efforts of our evangelism, and with full reliance on the Holy Spirit, we believe we can expand the footprint of the Church around the world.

​​Together, we can impact the globe as we share the Gospel and usher in global revitalization and revival!